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• 11/27/2017

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• 8/29/2014

which seires is better?

which series is better batman the animated series or beware the batman?
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• 8/7/2014

Does anyone feel like that Tatsu's codename is a bit inaccurate for her?

I asked because it's more accurate for a samurai while she's more like a ninja.
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• 6/28/2014

Has Beware the Batman been cancelled yet?

Title kinda says it all and only asking because GL: TAS lasted (1 season) and YJ lasted (2 seasons). So basically kinda curious. I'm actually finding that I like it and it would bite if another so I like got cancelled.
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• 3/24/2014

Old Friends, Old Enemies

Hello fellow wiki editors, M3 here. Now I'm sure you have watched most of the episodes in Beware the Batman. As a matter of fact, I do miss some of the old characters from other Batman media. I do notice that they re-added some of the old characters there. I was thinking, what would Batman's old friends and old enemies would look like if they make an appearance. That would be fun. That is if the company is willing to do this. What do you guys think? Who might make an appearance?
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• 1/24/2014

Beware the batman season 1 (2013) tv series episodes.

When are the res of the epiosdes going to air because I thought they said the rest of the episodes were going to air in (2014).
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• 12/20/2013

Metamorpho: good or bad?

I think that in the beginning, he was in some kind of villian but I think some time will come and he will good guy
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• 11/19/2013

series name

do you think beware the batman was a good name for the show
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• 9/25/2013
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• 9/6/2013

Beware the Batman

Do you think that this episode "Control" of Beware the Batman will be good?
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• 8/18/2013

his name

I think they call him Tobias Whale because of his chin
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• 8/5/2013

when will katana be a SIDEKICK!

When will Katana use the sword! its what I been waiting for!
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• 7/25/2013

This is... so bad.

A more serious Batman show is a FANTASTIC idea, but how is this serious? How can anyone take this seriously? As with most reboots, there are too many unneccessary and negative changes to the lore. 1st of all, CGI was a bad idea in my opinion. It looks like frickin Penguins of Madagascar. 2nd, the Batman model is HORRENDOUS. That is the least-manly looking Batman I have ever seen! AND I'VE SEEN THE ADAM WEST BATMAN! Now I like the idea of bringing some old characters that never got a spotlight into the realm of video, but I have a feeling fans are going to wish Anarky had stayed in the comics. Why is he white? Anarky's trademark costume is RED with a yellow mask! The Anarchy symbol is known universally as RED. RED IS COOL! IT'S REBELLIOUS! Why is his entire costume white?! And where is his hat?! I loved that hat!  And I'm actually surprised they would bring the rebellious character to a show when they won't even use real guns due to some unrelated shooting. Anarky's views are quite controversial. Whoever wrote/designed this show deserves a good Batarang to the nuts. I am overall DISAPPOINTED in DC for allowing this.  THIS IS ANARKY THIS IS ST00P1D.
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• 7/8/2013

series logo

The fact that Batman' head is the bat head is reminiscent tto the 1960s tv series Batman's head is the bat's head
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• 7/8/2013

The Batsuit

This is actually the first series to use an all black suit unlike the black and grey suits of earlier adaptions. it is relevant ot the suits used in the films, almost all Batman films use an all black suit.
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• 6/12/2013


I thought he was a hero.
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• 12/24/2012

50 Pages

I would like to thank all of my fellow admins, Ray422 and Loverofperdiepieeee , for helping this Wiki reach it's goal of getting 50 pages before Beware The Batman has even aired. Keep up the good work guys!
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• 12/2/2012


We currently have some admin positions up for grabs. If your interested then leave me a message on my wall.
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