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Remembering how a gun was the weapon used to murder his parents, Bruce vowed to never use a gun to fight crime. Instead, he created a new type of non-lethal, but still effective, weapon. Thus the "Batarang" was born.

Blade Batarang Sequence 04

It is a unique throwing weapon designed after the bat motif and is a combination of boomerang and shuriken. Batman carries a variety of batarang types and uses them for different situations.

Batarang 01

The curved batarang for disarming criminals and general use.

The straight, throwing knife-esque bladed batarang for cutting and piercing. (There are also "bomb batarang" and scanner versions of these.)

The smaller batarangs shaped like Batman's chest symbol for disabling weapons or throwing a handful at once.

Batman always seems to have a plentiful supply of batarangs concealed in his utility belt.