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Bethanie Ravencroft
Age 20s
Gender Female
Enemies Magpie and League of Assassins
Friends Bruce Wayne (Former Love Interest), Silver Monkey, League of Assassins (Former)
Job Psychotherapist
Hometown Gotham City

Dr. Bethanie Ravencroft is a character appearing in Beware the Batman. She debuted in Secrets.


Dr. Bethanie Ravencroft is a psychotherapist in Gotham City. She conducted the mental experiments that created Magpie. Unknowingly, Ravencroft hired Magpie under the guise of "Cassie" as a receptionist. Magpie studied the doctor's movements and finally abducted her with the intent to force her to reverse the experiments and give her back her memories. 

Thanks to Batman, Ravencroft was freed. She later asked Bruce Wayne out on a date, as they had met when Bruce had gone to see her as a patient in order to search her office for clues. While on their date, Bruce left for a moment to take a phone call. While he was gone Ravencroft sent a mysterious text message to an unknown recipient. The message read: "Wayne's hooked". Awaiting instructions." In the episode Family, she lured Wayne into a trap by the League of Assassins. Later in the episode, her soul was drained by Lady Shiva and imprisoned within the Soultaker Sword, leaving her alive, but a husk.  


  • She is the former love interest of Bruce Wayne/Batman.
  • She was working for the League of Assassins.
  • She is second character to first appear as just a side character but turn out to be a villain, the first being Simon Stagg.
  • In Family, she said to Silver Monkey that "This wasn't part of the plan. You said Wayne wouldn't have to die." This is suppose to imply that she had good in her and that she may have actually loved Bruce Wayne.
  • There is a possibility she was in a relationship Silver Monkey.


  1. Secrets
  2. Toxic
  3. Family (Dies)