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J66687 J66687 18 December 2020

Did Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad murder Magpie, Cypher, and Phosphorus Rex offscreen?

 [1] Hi everyone! My name is FazBear JoKeR87. I have a YouTube channel with the same name where I do voice acting. You can check it out if you want. Now anyways, I am a huge Batman fan and a huge fan of Beware the Batman. It was the show that got me into Batman when I was younger. I love this show because of the story and the use of lesser known villains, which brings me to the point of this article. In the episode "Reckoning", Ra's Al Ghul lets out the villains of Gotham, Professor Pyg, Mr. Toad, Magpie. Tobias Whale, Phosphorous Rex, and Cypher from prison and says to them that whoever kills or brings him Batman will be rewarded with their own piece of Gotham to rule.

So, there is a scene in that episode where the villains fight each othe…

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Steven Bomb 17 Steven Bomb 17 19 May 2016

The next Batman cartoon?

I don't know if this is the right place for this but, I've been thinking about the next Batman cartoon. I was wondering if you guys would enjoy it if the next one focused more on the other members of the Bat family like all of the Robins, the Batgirls, Batwoman, Batwing while of course also focusing on Batman. If so what would you want in it? I know action is a staple of any good superhero show but would it be incredibly bad if there were one or two mainly relaxing episodes with small bits of action? Oh like in Justice League during the Christmas episode, there was a little action in it and it was relaxing. Anyways what would you want to see happen in a new Batman cartoon? Sorry if this isn't where it should be I couldn't find the rules.


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TheScareCr0we TheScareCr0we 24 November 2015

Joker in BWTB Year:One/BWTB:Season 0

Jack "The Joker" Napier is a deranged and nihilistic patient at the Miskatonic Psychiatric Hospital.

  • 1 History
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Personality
  • 4 Trivia

Jack Napier was a student at Armatage High School in Gotham City. One day, he put a deadly poison in the water supply of the water fountains, killing 5 students. He was quickly discovered in the matinence room of the school, laughing his ass off as the police apprehended him. When one of the police officers bittingly asked him if he "though he was some kinda' joker", Jack replied "Exactly".

During his time at Miskatonic, he almost entirely refused to respond to his real name, insisting that the doctors reffer to him as "Joker" instead.

During the Hugo Strange Incident, he was one of the patients Batman enc…

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Alexis 23456789 Alexis 23456789 21 March 2015


This series, although short-lived does lay the foundation for new shows with Batman. For example, I'm hoping the next series will have Harley Quinn, once the Wayne Enterprises psychiatrist who falls in love with him as the main antagonist.

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TheScareCr0we TheScareCr0we 27 October 2014

The Joker in my idea for Beware The Batman: Season 2 web comic

So some of you may remember my post on How The Joker Would Fit Into Beware The Batman, and then the image to the left from BWTB Issue #2.

Well, now I've got a shitty photoshop (or two) and an idea for what his role would be in my "Beware The Batman:Season 2" webcomic idea. (more info on that another day).


So, now let's continue.

So, I noticed that the Joker in this picture not only looks like the two Jokers I've mentioned previously, he also looks li…

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TheScareCr0we TheScareCr0we 26 October 2014

Two-Face in Beware The Batman...or how he probably would have looked

So we know that Harvey got his scars in an explosion in this series. So I'm thinking that he'd look something like the Two-Face in Assault on Arkham/Arkham Knight. 

Why? Well, they're going for a darker batman, but still cartoony. This fits. Plus, it looks like the TDK version. Not to mentioned the Harvey side of this image looks like a whitewashed version of the Harvey in this show.

See, one of my biggest problems with Two-Face's scars in BTAS was that, despite the explosion that caused the scars, his hair turned white, and his face blue. If it was an explosion (which it was) the face should at least be red, and the hair should be either singed black or gone. 

So I'm gonna go with gone. And for harvey's suit? I'm going to go with an all-dark…

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TheScareCr0we TheScareCr0we 26 October 2014

Beware The Batman Issue 1

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The Magnolia Killer The Magnolia Killer 15 August 2014

I found a "Joke" in Beware the Batman

Or should I say a "Joker". Ba dum tssss~

But anyways, this little referance came from Beware The Batman Issue #2:

Now look closely at the crowd:

           Do you see them? It's a man in a purple suit with an orange shirt, and Green Hair, as well as a woman wearing Red and Black. Now, I don't know about you, but to me this looks like a version of Joker and Harley Quinn.        Now, there are a few things that go against this theory:#

  1. That the creators stated that they didn't want another Joker Story.
  2. That "Joker" has normal skin
  3. That "Harley" has brown hair

Well, all these can be explained

  1. There was Joker concept art, so he was originally intended to be in the show. Also, this is probably just a little Joke by the artist.
  2. Joker has normal(ish) skin …

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The Magnolia Killer The Magnolia Killer 19 June 2014

Red Hood (Fanon Anarky Replacement).

Red Hood is the primary antagonist in Beware The Batman. He debuted in the episode: Tests.

Biography Nothing is currently known about Red Hood's true identity or past. He appears to be a dark mirror image of Batman and looks upon the dark knight as his perfect foil and opponent in the game he is playing.Red Hood wishes nothing more than to cause chaos and destruction, as he views order and peace as boring and predictable. Apparently he has been searching for an adequate opponent for a very long time. He appears to be just as skilled in combat as Batman and nearly his match in mental prowess as well. Where he and the Bat differ is their policies on innocent casualties. Batman has sworn never to take a life, whereas Red Hood looks upon regula…

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The Magnolia Killer The Magnolia Killer 16 June 2014

What would Joker look like if he was in BWTB, and how would he fit in?

So, I was wondering: What would The Joker look like if he was in Beware The Batman, and how would he fit into the universe?

Well, I found these concept art online of BWTB, and found two specific ones of certain intrest.

    These two concept sketches resemble a certain homicidal clown. Not supriseing, as the decision to use lesser known villains came latter on in production.

Well, these reminded me of certain incarnations of the Joker.

The Joker from NBTAS and Frank Millar's Dark Knight Returns. The later one would fit in very well with the dark mood of the show.

It also reminded me of another Joker concept art I've seen online:

This was drawn by singer and writer Gerard Way for a limited series in DC's Vertigo magazine that was never made known…

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The Magnolia Killer The Magnolia Killer 16 June 2014

Jason Todd in Beware The Batman Comics

So, in the final issue of the Beware The Batman comics, it showed this street rat helping Alfred find Batman. WHile I'm not sure if it gave his name, it looks a whole lot like Jason Todd!!!

So, as they said that they don't want to use Robin, this means we have two options: Red-X or The Red Hood!

I can just imagine it. Jason Todd, after helping Alfred rescue Batman, wants Batman to train him. Well, Batman thinks it's too dnagerous, and Jason gets pissed. beliving he can do better than Batman, he becomes the gun-toting vigilante known as The Red Hood! And almost kills Anarky untill Batman stops him.

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Kung fu frogz Kung fu frogz 30 May 2014

Hugo Strange

IF Beware the Batman gets a season 2 i would love to see Dr. Hugo Strange! 

They could have an entire story arc about Hugo finding out Batman is Bruce and trying to sell his identity! Villains bid on it! Hugo could even try to become Batman! 

It would also be cool if he was voiced by Tim Curry! 

Art drawn by Matt Friesen

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Nelmamoohead Nelmamoohead 15 May 2014

Beware the Batman returns!- at 3 AM

Cartoon Network has announced that Beware the Batman will return..... at 3 AM on Sundays. This is obviously a move to burn off the remaining episodes of Beware the Batman. because they want to end the show. Now to watch the show, you literally have to be Batman, who is basically noctural.

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Aldo The Fox Aldo The Fox 19 March 2014

Beware the Execs...cause the show is dead

It looks like this show will never be seen's over folks.... She's dead...

Well, can't say I'm surprised considering its ratings were abysmal (0.9-1.8%) and they failed to advertise it properly. Nope, all these greedy execs cared about was how many toys they could sell. Killing off a great show to replace it *cough* GL:TAS*cough* certainly didn't help win it over to fans either.

Series: "Hi, I'm cart! Have you seen my horse?"

If they learn anything from this, I hope that its they realize that some of us are tired of Batman cartoons and want something new. I would love to have a Flash cartoon or an actual Amethyst show...just sayin'


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Nelmamoohead Nelmamoohead 25 January 2014

How do you think Beware the Batman could improve?

How do you think Beware the Batman could improve? I think it could have more humor, more action, and maybe some major villians(not Joker, maybe scarcrow or killer croc) Post your thoughts below in the comments.

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Danila54 Danila54 1 January 2014

Recommendations for new people, who starts to use BTB wiki

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

A lot of people decided to join our wiki. Most of you enjjoy to work with this, some of you maybe not, so there is some couple of recommendations for you: If you will work with wiki every day and with different categories of work, you can get the highest score on the page of Leaderboard and be the best worker of this wiki. Thank you for your understanding!

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Nardragon Nardragon 8 September 2013

The Dark Knight....Returns?????

Batman has being apart of fiction for over fifty years. The dark suit, pointed eared cowl and bat symbol is internationally known. You don't have to be comic fan to know who The Batman is.

He has appeared very way and form known-

  • Comics
  • Graphic Novels
  • Books
  • Television
    • Animated Series
    • Live Action Series
  • Sliver Screen
  • Video Games

The Dark Knight is once again about to make his re-entry to big screen in the Man of Steel sequel.

I've created this blog so we can discuss anything and everything Batman in honor of his return to the big screen. Although I'm sure high on the list of things to discuss will be-

  • Affleck as Bruce Wayne
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The Commodore25 The Commodore25 25 August 2013

The Villains

Ever wanted to know who was a Batman fan and who was a hardcore batman fan. To find this out you should ask him the names of some these villains to see if he knows them if he does then he is a true Batman fan. Some of these villains I had never heard of before. At first you'd think, "Pffft Professor Pyg he doesn't like too serious." But watching this show tells you he is.

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Bersarker Bersarker 24 August 2013


I have not much idea but if I known that you guys don't know something that is new about Beware the Batman. I'll be the first person who will debut it.

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Ndrummond Ndrummond 29 July 2013

Lots to do.

There is a lot I can do for this wiki. Got a lot of ideas that I can't wait to implement. Hope everyone likes it!

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The Magnolia Killer The Magnolia Killer 25 July 2013

The Scarecrow

This is a villain I would love to see in the series. He is a classic villain, but is still obscure enough to work for this show's purposes. I belive he would fit in well with a serious toned batman show.

I give crane red hair as a referance to the Batman: The Animated Series, in which he also had red hair. I gave him yellow eyes because yellow is the color of fear so yeah. I would see this character as a sadist who gets off on fear. The disign for his scarecrow costume I just stole off google images, being the only CGI scarecrow picture I could find. And it's cool as hell.

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Dtregle Dtregle 17 July 2013

Favorite Batman series

Batman: TAS was rated one of the best animated shows ever made.

The New Batman Adventures was pretty good but did not last long.

Batman Beyond was a type of Batman that no one saw before.

The Batman lasted longer than any other Batman animated series and is my favorite.

Batman Brave and the Bold was ok i guess but i really dont think anyone likes this one best. 

Beware the Batman has lots of things that are different :Alfred, his sidekick and his villians but so far its still better than Brave and the bold

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Killer365 Killer365 14 July 2013

Beware the Batman Hunted

So what did you guys think of the first episode of Beware the Batman. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Did it passed your expectations? Because for me, it defiantly did. Leave your comment for what you thought of it below.

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Killer365 Killer365 3 February 2013

Beware the Batman Debut Images Released

So today Cartoon Network released the debut images for Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go! I strongly suggest that you all check out the blog posts where they posted the pictures because the blog posts also list some very important information regrding Beware The Batman.

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