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Don't struggle... I have your mind, I have control.
Cypher/Avery Twombey
Age 20s
Gender Male
Enemies Batman, Katana
Friends League of Assassins
Job Criminal, Assassins
Hometown Gotham City

Cypher was an agent of the League of Assassins, sent to obtain plans for the Ion Cortex, only to run afoul of the Dark Knight. Though he managed to gain temporary control over Katana, and later Batman, the two heroes were able to defeat and capture him. Then he made small appearance in the episode Reckoning, where he and other super-villains from Blackgate prison were hired by Ra's al Ghul to kill Batman. For killing Batman, Cypher took over mind control of Magpie and Phosphorus Rex, but Batman used his batarang to attack Cypher, and pull the mind control tentacles off Magpie and Phosphorus Rex. Batman was about to put the handcuffs on him, but Mr. Toad used his super wave attack to throw Batman into a car. Batman understood that he would not be able to handle fighting all of his enemies at once. However, Batman tricked all the criminals by pretending to give up and they all turned on each other for the reward promised to them by Ra's. Batman then leaves them fighting. 


Cypher wears a lightly armored suit of dark and bright, glowing, green. His main weapons are long, tentacle-like cables that extend from his palms. These cables allow him to "plug" into a person and hijack their minds. Once in control of a person, Cypher is able to manipulate them, forcing them to follow or even fight for him. On his own, Cypher doesn't seem to be that strong of a fighter, preferring to let his captives fight for him. He has a slender build and is extremely agile and flexible. His suit allows him to adhere to walls and ceilings. Cypher's control is both his greatest weapon and his greatest weakness. While in control of a person, he feels everything that they do. Blows and injuries sustained by them hurt him as well. He also feels other emotions from them, including love.


  • A machine? No, I'm a human, just like you, only upgraded! (using Jason Burr)
  • Afraid to hurt her? Afraid to hit back? I have no such reservations! (using Katana)
  • Cut those and you'll fry her brain!
  • I told you, I'd kill them! (using Jason Burr and Katana)
  • Good to see you again, Batman! (using Magpie)
  • Let's play! (using Phosphorus Rex)

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Mind Control (His cables allow him to literally plug into a person's head and hijack their mind. However, if a person is trapped under his control long enough, he can residually corrupt the synaptic to allow wireless control all the way from a prison cell)
  • Wallcrawling (His limbs can adhere to any surface)


  • When both of his mind control cables are plugged into the base of his own skull, they can short out his cybernetic implants and render him unconscious.
  • His victims have a voodoo effect on Cypher, meaning whatever he/she feels while under his control (such as blows or injuries), he feels it, too.
  • Cypher's hold on a person's mind is only superficial, which means if someone on the outside is able to emotionally impact the victim hard enough, it can either lead to the cable short circuiting or the victim gaining enough free will to disconnect the cable manually.
  • Since his upgrades don't include a mouth, the only way he can communicate with words is by speaking through his victims.
    • It's the reason why he has no credited voice actor. However, it can be assumed that James Arnold Taylor would've been the ideal choice if he could communicate on his own seeing as how he was the special guest star voice in his debut episode.



  • Unlike in the comics, he is a cyborg instead of human.
  • Cypher appears to wear an armored suit. But since he personally stated that he's a cyborg ("Upgraded"), it could just as easily be his entire body.
  • In the original comics, he is a shady businessman with power of hypnosis that does everything he can to take down Wayne Industries.
  • Despite being a member of the League of Assassins, he is shown to be laughing at Ra's al Ghul about his idea of having him and his fellow inmates attacking or capturing Batman for him.
  • In Control, he first controlled two good people, Katana (who was close to Batman), and Jason Burr. Then in Reckoning, he controlled two bad people, Magpie (who was close to Batman) and Phosphorus Rex.
  • In the original comics, his real name is Avery Twombey. And his head is bald and he wears glasses.


  1. Control
  2. Darkness (cameo)
  3. Reckoning