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Doodlebug/Daedalus Boch
Age 19
Gender Male
Enemies Batman, Authority
Friends Junkyard Dog, Anarky
Job Artist, Anarchist
Hometown Gotham City


Down with creative oppression! This is justice!

Doodlebug aka Deadalus Boch is an anarchist artist that appeared in the episode Tests as a henchman of Anarky.


Doodlebug, along with his friend and fellow artist Junkyard Dog, were caught and handcuffed by Batman but were freed by Anarky and recruited by him to sow chaos and destruction. Though Anarky supplied them with progressively destructive equipment, the two were eventually defeated and arrested once again.


Doodlebug is a young, African-American man with a slender build who wears his hair in dreadlocks. After meeting Anarky, he first is given an electron rifle and then a protective suit equipped with twin acid guns.


  • He and Junkyard Dog make cameo appearance in Secrets and then become one of the main villains in Tests.
  • His identity as Doodlebug is never been mentioned in the series.