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A snapshot of what the 1st versions of the Guns in the Show looked like

Guns are one of the primary weapons in Beware The Batman. The show was put on hold to make the guns look less realistic because of the 2012 Aurora shooting.

Despite the censoring, dialogue, shot and visual effects, all make it clear that the guns still fire bullets.

List of Guns[]

  • Submachine gun - Automatic firearm used by multiple characters, has a bar on the side to indicate the shots left. The red-colored model is used by the Gotham City Police Department but also by multiple goons and by multiple villains, including Simon Stagg himself. While the security guards of Blackgate Penitentiary are armed with white-bodied submachine guns. It is clearly an Heckler & Koch MP7A1 due to the design, tactical rail, and vertical forward grip.
  • Pistol - Semi-automatic pistol, it used by the Gotham City Police Department but also by multiple goons. Designed to be a generic pistol, but vaguely resembles a TDI/KRISS Kard due to it's blocky build.
  • Heavy Machine Gun - Resembles an M2 Browning heavy machine gun, but dressed up to look blocky and futuristic.


  • Batman has a massive dislike in guns, but in the rare occasion that he uses one (in the comics at least), he is shown to be a very good shot. (Albeit to divert enemies, not kill them)