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Hi everyone! My name is FazBear JoKeR87. I have a YouTube channel with the same name where I do voice acting. You can check it out if you want. Now anyways, I am a huge Batman fan and a huge fan of Beware the Batman. It was the show that got me into Batman when I was younger. I love this show because of the story and the use of lesser known villains, which brings me to the point of this article. In the episode "Reckoning", Ra's Al Ghul lets out the villains of Gotham, Professor Pyg, Mr. Toad, Magpie. Tobias Whale, Phosphorous Rex, and Cypher from prison and says to them that whoever kills or brings him Batman will be rewarded with their own piece of Gotham to rule.

So, there is a scene in that episode where the villains fight each other over who will kill Batman. I have to say, this is one of my favorite scenes in the whole show. I love how they insult each other in it too. There is a very dark theory that some people believe about this scene. It suggests that Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad murdered the other villains offscreen, and that it is why Magpie, Cypher, and Phosphorus Rex didn't appear in the other episodes after this while Pyg and Toad appeared in episode 20 "Doppleganger". The other villains did not even appear in the comics based on this show! Guess what? Professor Pyg made an appearance in the comics! However, Toad did not. Anarky, Tobias Whale, and Killer Croc also made an appearance in the comics too, and they were not in the scene where the villains fought (because Anarky was not in the episode, Tobias Whale refused to take orders from Ra's Al Ghul, and Killer Croc was not yet introduced). In the episode "Doppleganger", Pyg and Toad seem to be a bit more aggressive and violent while fighting Batman.

Now, what do I think? Given this evidence, I think it happened. Pyg and Toad were always my favorite villains in the show, but this made me love them even more! I always found this such an awesome theory. Here is how I think it happened:

Magpie throws Professor Pyg to the ground. As soon as Magpie is about to knock him out, Mr. Toad comes back and uses his sonic croak, seriously hurting her. Pyg gets up in rage and sees Magpie on the ground. He then grabs her by the hair, gets his saw, and cuts her head off as she screams and cries in pain while Pyg has his hand on her mouth. Toad then looks at Pyg with a shocked expression and then smiles and chuckles evilly. Pyg then throws Magpies head and Cypher and Phosphorus Rex look in terror. They then go after Pyg and Toad knowing that they will be killed if they don't act now! Cypher gets his (as Pyg would put it) tentacles out but Pyg cuts them again causing Toad to jump out and then beat Cypher brutally with his cane. Phosphorus Rex then shoots fire at Pyg. Pyg dodges two times, but then is burned on his shoulder. Meanwhile, Toad is still beating Cypher with his cane. Cypher is now beaten and broken. He can barely move. Toad then sees the opportunity to burn Cypher alive with the fire of his cane and proceeds in doing so. Phosphorus Rex sees what's happening and keeps shooting fire at Pyg. Pyg then summons Toad for help. Toad obeys and jumps at Phosphorus but is shot by his fire. Enraged, Pyg then cuts Phosphorus's back with his saw. Toad then gets up and uses the sonic croak again. Phosphorus hits a building and is out of fire power. Pyg puts Phosphorus on the ground on his back. He then lets Toad break his ribs with his cane. Phosphorus screams in agony as he is going through this. Pyg then picks him up and snaps his neck. Toad notices that Batman is gone, but Pyg assures him that there will always be another time. They then flee the scene. Days later, there is a news report that the criminals known as Magpie, Phosphorus Rex, and Cypher were found brutally murdered and that they were looking for whoever did it. Batman tells them that he has a pretty good idea of who given that he was there before he left.

What do you guys think?