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What are they gonna do? Lock me up?
Gender Male
Enemies Batman
Job Villain, Forger
Hometown Gotham City

 The Key is a supervillain that is in Beware the Batman.


The Key is a cyborg that can unlock any doors and access any computer. This makes him a highly wanted criminal. He was kidnapped by Killer Croc but Batman rescued him and hands him over to Commissioner Gordon. The Key is revealed to have been paid by Slade Wilson to create his new identity as "Dane Lisslow" in order to begin an elaborate revenge scheme against Alfred Pennyworth. The Key is interrogated by Batman and Katana and later arrested.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Can mold his fingers into any key fitting a lock
  • Retractable Key Claws
  • Be able to download digital security keys from computers into his brain
  • Capable of stealing a person's mental energy
  • Expert forger


  1. Animal
  2. Twist



  • His androids do not appear.
  • He makes his first appearance in "Animal".
  • He looks older than other versions of him.
  • In this version, his appearance is more like a shopkeeper.
  • He had co-operated with Anarky because he is the only one in Gotham that can provide all information about every villains to him for his game.