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"Lunk Head don't like you!"
Lunk Head
Age 30s
Gender Male
Enemies Batman, Katana
Job Former Villain, Freight Worker
Hometown Gotham City

Lunk Head is a villain appearing in Beware the Batman. He debuted in Secrets.


Lunk Head is an enemy of Batman who appeared in the episode Secrets. He hates Batman for putting him in a coma for 2 months and giving him a huge bump on the head, hence his name. He took part in the same psychotherapy experiments as Magpie. They attempted to repair the damage to his brain but failed. As for now, Lunk Head works as a freight depot loading trucks. Lt. Jim Gordon also sometimes uses him as an informant.


Lunk Head is very large and muscularly built. Standing in the range of 7 feet, he is immensely strong and powerful. As physically imposing as he is, however, Lunk Head is severely hampered in mental capacity. The blow to his head and subsequent coma left an enormous lump on his cranium and he has apparently suffered brain damage. He speaks in the manner of a young child and often has similar temper tantrums. Also, like a child, he is very partial to candy, especially chocolate.


  • Super Strength


  • He likes candy, especially chocolate.
  • He has a bump on his head possibly from the time he got comatose.
  • The results of the coma had made him act as though he was a child, although he was fully aware he was an adult. Because he acted as though he was a child he could not pronounce words or do proper sentences, making him illiterate.


  • "Lunk Head don't like you!"
  • "Batman not hurt Lunk Head again!"
  • "They try to fix Lunk Head brain. Didn't work."
  • "More candy now?"
  • "I been good!"