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Manhunter/Paul Kirk
Age 50s
Gender Male
Enemies The Council
Friends Batman, Katana

Manhunter aka Paul Kirk is a government agent/superhero. He is the father of Ava Kirk.


Paul was a government operative until he was wounded in combat and left for dead. He was found by a secret group called "The Council". They experimented on him and made robotic clones from his DNA. Dr. Horace Spangle one of the scientists working for the Council found out their leaders Dr. Anatol Mykros' real plan, overthrowing the world's governments, broke Kirk free and gave him a weapon, Kirk then set out to take down the clones. When Mykros and the clones kidnap his daughter, Ava Kirk, in Gotham City, he ends up teaming up with Batman, Katana and Alfred Pennyworth to rescue her. The heroes defeat Mykros, but Kirk leaves Ava behind in order to continue taking down the Council and the remaining clones.


  • Government Training: His government training affords him a mastery over martial arts, marksmanship, gymnastics, escape artistry, weapons & gadgets usage, sensory abilities & perceptiveness. He is also very resourceful like a true militant or espionage agent.
  • Enhanced Physical & Mental Attributes: His government training & experimentations have afforded him a peak-human conditioning, which coupled with his bio-enhancements increases his attributes to above-peak-human levels.
    • Superhuman Agility, Acrobatics & Gymnastics: Due to his experimentation by the government, Kirk possesses incredible inhuman levels of gymnastic abilities that makes look master gymnasts like Batman impotent.
    • Superhuman Strength: He can punch the Manhunter clones with relative ease nor physical stress.
    • Accelerated Healing & Regeneration: Due to experimental chemicals infused into his body, he regenerates his full health within several moments or so as well as have an advanced stamina. He also has a suppressed aging rate allowing him to remain in his prime for more than seventy years.


  • This is his first animated series appearance.
  • Paul Kirk was the second character to use the identity of Manhunter, though the first one officially created by DC comics. His costume design used in Beware the Batman is based on both the costume he originally wore in his early appearances, and also the design used by the murderous robotic enemies of the Green Lantern.
  • He is the only hero in the show who is not a member of the Outsiders.