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Manhunter clones

Two Manhunters are operating.

The Manhunter clones are cybernetic clones of Manhunter.


The Manhunter clones were made by Dr. Anatol Mykros by using Paul Kirk's DNA.


  • There are two kinds of Manhunters that exist in the DCU comics. The first Manhunter was a super-hero mantel used by characters like Paul Kirk and Kate Spencer. The second are robotic beings created by the Guardians of the Universe prior to the creation of Green Lantern Corp, and who went on to become enemies of the Corp.
  • The Manhunter clones seem to be a combination of the robotic Green Lantern enemy Manhunters (in that there are many of them, and they wear a look similar to them) and the Paul Kirk clones that appeared in the comics.
  • There probably are more of them out there.