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250px-Mayor Marion Grange

Mayor Grange is a minor character appearing in Beware the Batman. She first appeared in Fall.


Mayor Grange first became an active character when she was ordered to surrender the city to Ra's al Ghul in Darkness. She was then become the subject of an assassination attempt by Anarky in Nexus and gave Harvey Dent the funding he needed to start his new Special Crimes Unit. Despite Commissioner Gordon's objections, Grange explains that funding Dent would be preferable to him campaigning for Mayor if his demands were not met.

Grange would later be involved in a kidnapping by Humpty Dumpty, along with Batman, Katana, Gordon and Tobias Whale. The villain sought revenge over all of them, using a man that Grange had ordered imprisoned while she was a judge as a pretext. The subsequent trauma of the ordeal would cause Grange to take leave from her position as Mayor before eventually stepping down.


Marion Grange is an African-American woman of middle age. She dresses in professional business suits, wears glasses, and wears her hair in a tight bun. She seems to be a level-headed person and tries her best to be a good leader for her city.


  • Unlike in the original comics, she didn't get killed. Just retired from her position as Mayor.
  • Marion's physical appearance is very similar to Amanda Waller and voiced by CCH Pounder, who regularly provides the voice of Amanda Waller.