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Mr. Toad
Gender Male
Enemies Batman, Alfred,Simon Stagg, Katana, Man-Bat
Friends Professor Pyg, Man-Bat (When he is under his control)
Job Eco-Terrorist
Hometown Gotham City
Excellent shot boss, right in the gizzard.

–Mr. Toad to Professor Pyg, Hunted

Mr. Toad is a mutated villain appearing in Beware the Batman and is the partner of Professor Pyg.


Mr. Toad debuted in the the premiere episode "Hunted". In the episode Mr. Toad was shown to be working with Professor Pyg in order to kidnap three leading Gotham industrialists who all had a hand in a shady land deal that Mr. Toad, as an eco-terrorist, strongly opposed. In episode "Instinct " Pyg and Toad targeted several fashion designers who used animals to create their suits. In "Reckoning" he helped Pyg to take down Batman to claim a bounty from Ra's al Ghul. In "Doppleganger" he and Pyg transform Dr. Langstorm into Man-Bat and use him to lead them to the chemical factories so that they may steal the chemicals needed to create the serum that will turn people into humanoid animals to take over Gotham City.


Unlike Professor Pyg, who appears to be a normal man in a mask, Mr. Toad appears to be an actual anthropomorphic African Toad. He is able to leap about with the ease of his namesake and also posseses the ability to launch highly concussive blasts of sonic energy from his mouth when he croaks. One of these blasts was able to send Batman flying across a room. Toad speaks with a slight German accent and carries a wooden cane with a blow-torch hidden inside it.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Enhanced Jump
  • Sonic Croak.
  • Prehensile Tongue


  • "It's the Batguy!"
  • "I wanna do that again!"
  • "Everyone pays!"


  • He is the first mutant that appear in the series.
  • He might have been mutated by Professor Pyg.
  • He looks shorter than in the original comics.
  • He is an African Toad.
    • Ironically, instead of speaking African accent, he speaks in German accent instead.
  • In this version, he has the ability of Sonic Scream, also known as Sonic Croak.
  • In the original comics, the Batman that he had fought with is not Bruce Wayne.
  • The mutation made him become retiliomorph. Half reptile, half amphibian, which means he can live on land longer than ordinary amphibian but still need to be in water.
  • In the original comics, he killed himself when he was imprisoned with a pistol.
  • He and Professor Pyg are the only villains that made three appearances.
      • He could be a reference to The Wind in the Willows (It was published in 1908) a children's novel and the main characters are Mole Rat Mr. Badger and last but not least Mr. Toad, Look it up on the wikipedia