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Phosphorus Rex/Milo Match
Phosphorus Rex (Allies)
Gender Male
Enemies Batman, Katana, Jim Gordon
Friends Tobias Whale
Job Attorney, Criminal
Hometown Gotham City

Phosphorus Rex is a villain appearing in Beware the Batman. He first debuted in the episode Allies. He is a villain with powers of fire manipulation.


Milo Match is an attorney in the employ of Tobias Whale. He also happens to be Whale's chief enforcer. For this less respectable job, Match uses a different persona along with his superhuman abilities. He possesses the power to create and manipulate powerful jets of flames. When using his powers his face and hands are engulfed in orange fire. As powerful as he is, his powers seem to be somewhat unstable as one of his fire blasts managed to injure and incapacitate his own employer, Tobias. His powers also seem to have limits as when he was forced to burn an batman foes entire tanker truck in the episode Allies, he became exhausted and his flames extinguished. He later appeared in episode Reckoning, where he and other supervillains from Blackgate prison, were hired by Ra's al Ghul to kill Batman.


As a lawyer, Match dresses in tailor-made suits. He speaks with an Eastern European accent, has orange hair and has a slender build. When using his powers, all of his exposed skin glows with orange flames.



Powers and Abilities[]


  • Pyrokinesis (He can telekinetically control and manipulate fire)
  • Fire Mimicry (His entire body can supercharge thermal energy to the point of ignition)
  • Fire Generation (He can blast fire just as well as he can control it)
  • Atmospheric Microwave Field (As show in Reckoning (demonstrated with a baterang), he can incinerate projectiles at close range)


  • Even in his fire form, he's just as vulnerably to Cypher's mind control cables as any other human'
  • His own fire can be snuffed out by a bigger explosion, as well as render him unconscious long enough to be secured for prison transport.
    • As Batman stated, this is known as "Putting out a fire with a bigger fire". In other words, "Rudimentary physics".


  • Unlike in the comics, he is working for Tobias Whale instead of Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad.
  • He is not a member of the Circus of Strange in this series.
  • How he got his powers remains a mystery, but it's highly possible that Anarky is involve with this. However, Pyg and Toad would make more sense considering they have been known to specialize in mutagenic formulas, as evident by the recreation of Dr. Langstrum.
  • He is the third mutant that appears in the series. The first being is Mr. Toad and second is Metamorpho.
  • In the original comics, the Batman that he had fought with is not Bruce Wayne.
  • He may be loyal to Tobias Whale but in Reckoning, it shows that he's also wanted to have his own Criminal Empire. Because he didn't try to capture Batman for his boss after all.
  • This version of Rex's appearance resembles Darkstar, a reccuring villain from the Ben 10 franchise. Or more relevantly, Heatblast.
  • He is voiced by Greg Elise.