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Professor Pyg/Lazlo Valentin
Professor Pyg (Hunted)
Age 40's
Gender Male
Enemies Batman


Simon Stagg



Friends Mr. Toad

Man-Bat (When he was under his control)

Job Eco-Terrorist,

Doctor, Villain, Scientist, Brainwasher

Hometown Gotham City
When was the last time you had a proper physical Batman?

Professor Pyg is a recurring antagonist in Beware The Batman.


Professor Pyg debuted in the series premiere episode "Hunted". In the episode, Pyg was shown to be working alongside Mr. Toad as self-styled "eco-terrorists" to capture three leading Gotham industrialists, all of which were part of a shady land deal that threatened the habitats of the indigenous flora and fauna of the wetlands. In the episode "Instinct" Pyg and Toad targeted several fasion designers who used animals to create their suits. In "Reckoning" Pyg and Toad was offered by Ra's al Ghul to get rid of Batman to get price from him. In "Doppleganger" Pyg and Toad turns Dr. Langstorm into Man-Bat and use him to lead them to the chemicals factories to steal the chemicals the Langstorm use in his serum. They both want to create an army of humanoid animals to take over Gotham City.


Professor Pyg speaks with a thick British accent and quasi-elegant air instead of an English accent and pig noises. His frame is very tall and obese yet he possesses prodigious strength. He and Toad seem to prefer vehicles and equipment of a distinctly vintage feel. Their vehicle of choice is a modified antique Model-T fitted with a fuse-fired cannon. He carries a blunderbuss loaded with tranquilizer darts as well as a large bonesaw which he wields as a melee weapon. Pyg dresses in a large purple greatcoat and a pig mask.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant:
  • Enhanced Strength:


  1. Hunted
  2. Instinct
  3. Darkness (cameo)
  4. Reckoning
  5. Doppleganger


  • "Welcome to the hunt, Gotham City!"
  • "I told you to get your eyes checked!"
  • "Oh dear, that doesn't sound good. Have you had your cholesterol checked recently?"
  • "Sorry, old chap. Fresh out of bandages. Looks like that leg will have to come off!"


  • Pyg is based off of the Greek mythology character, Pygmalion.
  • Pyg was first seen in Batman issue #666, a look at an alternate future in which Batman's son Damian Wayne is Batman. The Gotham City Police Department finds Pyg's body upside down and crucified.
  • Pyg's mask in Beware The Batman doesn't have round edges like the one in the comics.
  • In Batman and Robin #3, his real name was revealed to be Lazlo Valentin. However, it has not been confirmed in the Beware the Batman universe.
  • He wants to creat humanoid animals instead of the Dollotrons.
  • His goal is not to make everyone "perfect" like in the original comics, in this version his goal is to punish everyone who is against animal kind.
  • In this version, his head is bald but in the comics he had hair.
  • He and Mr. Toad are the only villains served as the main antagonist for exact three episodes.