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I'm sorry, guys. I didn't mean for any of this to happen.

–-Red Cloak to the Outsiders.

Red Cloak, also known as Mac Grimborn, is a mercenary for hire. He is also the primary protagonist turned main antagonist of Beware the Batman. In Twist, he was betrayed by Dane Lisslow. However, in the last episode, he learnt to trust Batman and was redeemed. - THIS CHARACTER IS UNOFFICAL. NEVER SEEN IN THE SHOW. NEVER NAME DROPPED. JUST... a made up character.... WHOM wrote this?

Red Cloak/Mac Grimborn/Arkham Knight/Evil Batman/Joker/Clayface/Black Mask/Deadshot/Good Deathstroke
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Age 16
Gender Male
Enemies Batman


Jim Gordon

Mayor Marion Grange

Friends Anarky



Tobias Whale

Professor Pyg

Job Captain of the Equestria Association Unit (formerly)

District Attorney (formerly)

Head of the Equestria Educational Association (formerly)

Vigilante (Currently)

Mercenary (in Broken)

Bounty Hunter (briefly)

Crimelord (in Twist)

Hometown Gotham City