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Silver Monkey
Silver Monley (Safe)
Age 30's
Gender Male
Enemies Batman, Katana, Alfred Pennyworth
Friends League of Assassins, Bethanie Ravencroft



Mac Grimborn

Job Ninja Assassin
Hometown Gotham City
Life has no meaning without honor!

Silver Monkey is a villain and later, anti-hero in Beware The Batman. He debuted in the episode Safe.


Silver Monkey is an expert martial artist and ninja in the employ of the League of Assassins. He seems to have a history with Katana. In his debut episode, he voiced surprise at seeing Katana alive, as she was believed to be dead and the Soultaker Sword destroyed. He tried to take the sword from her but was stopped by Batman. He kept the knowledge of the sword's continued existence a secret from his commander,Lady Shiva. With the blade, he hoped to displace her as the League's leader along with his partner Dr. Bethany Ravencroft. However, Lady Shiva was aware of his plans from the start and his coup failed. Silver Monkey was incapacitated and made to watch as Lady Shiva used the Soultaker sword to steal Ravencroft's soul. He was last seen being dragged away by League ninjas. He made his last appearance in the episode "Darkness", where he helped Batman to escape from the League. He attempted to defeat Lady Shiva, but she used the Soultaker Sword to steal his soul. When Katana and Alfred arrived at Ra's al Ghul's base, Lady Shiva showed them Silver Monkey's broken mask.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Peak Human Agility
  • Peak Human Speed
  • Peak Human Accuracy
  • Peak Human Flexibility
  • Expert Martial Artist
  • Master of Disguise


  • Hand Claws
  • Kunai
  • Smoke Bombs


Silver Monkey wears traditional shinobi armor and a mask of a snarling monkey face. His true face has not yet been seen. He gained entrance to Wayne Manor while disguised as Mr. Reese, the head of a security team hired by Bruce Wayne. It was revealed that Reese's face was a mask and Silver Monkey turned away to replace his monkey mask.


  1. Safe
  2. Family
  3. Darkness (Died)


  • He is the only reformed villain in the show.
    • This also makes him a anti-hero.
  • Like in the original comics, his real identity is never revealed.