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The Council is a secret organization of terrorists and mad scientists that bent on world domination.



Not much is known about them except they are planning to conquer the whole world with an army of robotic clones that they created from the DNA of Manhunter.


  • This is the first animated appearance of the organization.
  • Dr. Anatol Mykros is the only operative member that appeared. Not counting Dr. Horace Spangle because he had quitted and then got killed.
    • Like in the comics, it never been revealed that there are more members or not.
  • Like in the original comics, their first clones are made from the DNA of Manhunter.
  • If Sportmaster does exist, his DNA will be for the second form of the robotic clones. Because in the original comics, The Council uses the DNA of Sportmaster to create the second form of the robotic clones.
  • It's still unknown what happened to the organization after Dr. Mykros got arrested.