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The possible leader and two henchmen.

The Ghosts are a gang of criminals appearing in Beware the Batman. They first debuted in the episode Allies.


The section of Gotham City now known as "The Cauldron" was once a thriving industrial park.

However, when the financial crisis hit Gotham, several corporations were bankrupted, leaving the area abandoned. The poor people living there, now jobless, had nowhere else to go. Often called, the Ghosts of Gotham City's Past, the people became small-time criminals and completely overtook the Cauldron. The GCPD made an effort to police it but made little progress. Since the Ghosts mostly keep to themselves, the GCPD and the rest of the city are ususally content to ignore them altogether. The Cauldron is without power, so the Ghosts value fuel, food, and resources above all.


The Ghosts dress in cloaks, hoods, and masks with a decidedly ghostly look. They don't have a regular uniform but do all seem to dress with a general theme. They usually carry baseball bats, clubs, and knives as their weapons of choice but after teaming up with the forces of Tobias Whale, they were supplied with firearms. They aren't very skilled fighters, more brawlers than anything, but they are fiercely territorial and they almost always go in large numbers.