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The Ion Cortex is an energy regulation unit. Created by Dr. Jason Burr, the Ion Cortex is an artificial intelligence designed to end the world's energy supply problems. The Cortex regulates the flow of energy; sending it where it is needed, siphoning it off where it is not, and storing any excess. It is predicted that, once in place, the Ion Cortex will create a worldwide surplus of energy within five years.

The power of the Ion Cortex proved very enticing to the criminals of Gotham, especially the League of Assassins. In the episode Safe, where the Cortex first debuted, they attempted to abduct Dr. Burr but were thwarted by Batman and Katana. It continued in Control, where League of Assassins hired Cypher to capture Jason Burr and Ion Cortex, and take it to the League of Assassins. In the end, Cypher was defeated, but his control particles stayed in the mind of Jason Burr, and so he was corrupted into working for the League of Assassins, and gave them the Ion Cortex, when Ra's al Ghul was reborn and became the true leader of the League. The Ion Cortex was used to control the electricity supply of Gotham City and was used to induce a total power blackout. But in Reckoning, Barbara Gordon managed to hack the control of the main computer of Ion Cortex, and she manages to destroy it.

Ion Cortex destroyed

Ion Cortex blowed up