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Oswald Cobblepot AKA "The Penguin" or "Penguin Man" is a villain in Beware The Batman.


The Penguin appeared very briefly on a wanted poster, in the episode Animal. He is mentioned as a criminal that Harvey Dent and the Special Crimes Unit is hunting after.

In Epitaph, one of the policemen is reading a newspaper that also discussed Penguin in the headline. Near the end of the episode, the news ticker identified Oswald Cobblepot as the elusive criminal.


He has an unique umbrella that has several functioning weapon's within it.



  • This version of The Penguin appears to be similar to the one from Batman Returns (1992), played by Danny DeVito.
  • After Tobias Whale was imprisoned, he may become the new crimelord of Gotham City.
  • He is a competitor of Tobias Whale in crime.
  • A picture of "The Penguin" was held in Barbara Gordon 's room near several Batman pictures. - Allies